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PLN sets commercial electric tariff for 900 VA subscribers

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KUPANG -- State-owned electric company PT PLN for East Nusa Tenggara has applied commercial tariff for 130,788 subscribers using a voltage of 900 VA or higher in the province.  

The government recently abolished subsidy for 900 VA subscribers considered financially no longer deserving subsidy. Most of the 900 VA subscribers are households. Subsidy is maintained for 450 VA subscribers.  

Deputy Manager for Law and Public Relations of the regional PT PLN Sulistiyoadi Nikolaus said here on Tuesday the National Team of Acceleration of Poverty Control had recorded data about 188,499 PLN subscribers in the province using power of 900 VA.

Nikolaus said 130,788 of the 900 VA subscribers were considered no longer deserving subsidy but subsidy for the remaining 57,711 subscribers were maintained.  

"The National Team is the one to determine who deserve and not deserve subsidy. PLN is only to execute the policy in line with the data shown by the Team," he said.

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