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E-commerce companies hiring most aggressively, TIA Jobs report reveals (Infographic)

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It’s been slightly over a year since Tech in Asia Jobs was launched, with the mission of connecting talent with tech startups and companies across Asia. Since then, a total of over 13,000 jobs have been published and 160,000 applications have been made on TIA Jobs. We have also released Salary Insights, where you can find out how your salary fares against the industry average.

This report provides jobseekers a quick overview of the jobs landscape in Asia so far, including the highest paying jobs, the kinds of industries hiring most aggressively on Tech in Asia Jobs, and the most popular employers in each country.

Here’s a quick preview of the data in relation to technical jobs and jobseekers. The full report is available for download in the link below.

Some highlights

  1. Top three industries hiring most aggressively: e-commerce platforms, e-learning platforms, and software companies respectively.
  2. Web development roles are most popular among both employers and jobseekers on TIA Jobs, with more than 1,000 open positions and over 9,500 applications. Web development jobs offer an average monthly salary of US$2,608 across countries.
  3. DevOps and cloud management jobs have the highest average monthly salary of US$4,040, but have the least number of applicants.

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